South Midlands Communications Group

Full Wave Cage Dipole

Cage Dipole Antenna The SMC 8 wire full wave cage dipole antenna exploits the principles of a large diameter radiating element giving a broader band width, in the order of 2:1 for transmission, and 2.5:1 for receiving purposes. Having a high characteristic impedance of 600 ohms the antenna may be fed using 600 ohm open wire line, or coaxially using the appropriate Balun transformer.

Full Wave Cage Quadrant

The full wave quadrant is essentially a full wave cage dipole bent at the centre to 90', as a result producing a very good omnidirectional radiating pattern in the horizontal plane. The vertical pattern, bandwidth and power rating remain unaffected. Quadrant antennas can be installed in groups on a four mast arrangement, giving better bandwidth (using up to four antennas).

Design length Dependent upon design frequency
Bandwidth 1.5 - 2.5 : 1 of designed frequency
Design frequencies available 2.5-30MHz
Input impedance 600 ohm
VSWR Better than 2 : 1
Power rating Up to 10kw


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