South Midlands Communications Group

Transportable Delta Loop Antenna

The TDLS is a versatile multi-mode transportable antenna system.

Using multi-functional components, the TDLS consists of 2 tactical dipole antennas, covering 2-12 and 12-30MHz. The elements of these can be arranged as a directional wide band loop antenna, giving up to 7dbi forward gain. The system is supplied complete with all the necessary low loss feed cable, balun transformers, and ground anchors.

It is usual for the antenna to be erected on a tree, or suitable natural object, and, to assist mounting, SMC has a full range of complimentary support masts for use with the system. All components are either drab olive or matt black and the complete system packs into a single kit bag.

Packed weights and sizes 55 x 55 x 10cms, 32kg (1'1 0 " x 1'1 0 " x 4 ", 701b) (Ikw version)
Site requirement Dependent on configuration
Deployment time 5-15 minutes
Antenna elements PVC covered kevlar TCW braid, drab olive
Load Cast aluminium housing
Balun transformers GRP housing aluminium spinnings drab olive
Fittings Stainless steel, all blackedised


Frequency range 3-30MHz (up to 60MHz with degraded polar diagram)
Power rating Rx-lkw PEP
VSWR 2.0: Average
Impedance 50ohms unbalanced
Polarisation Dipoles: Horizontal
Delta Mainly horizontal with vertical components
Gain Up to 7dbi (Delta) at 12MHz
Input connector N
Feeder cable Low loss URM67, fitted strain relief


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