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SuperFluid is recommeded for all Hilomast brand masts.  SuperFluid provides Hilomast pneumatic masts with the proper lubrication and protection when applied correctly. Hilomast highly recommends that all pneumatic masts be lubricated with SuperFluid as part of regularlly-scheduled maintenance regimen. Proper application of SuperFluid will help prevent pneumatic masts from seizing and will improve the longevity of your Hilomast pneumatic mast. 


Kilfrost is a unique lubricant formula for use in extreme cold temperatures.  Kilfrost is used to winterize your Hilomast pneumatic masts. Hilomast recommends, if a Hilomast pneumatic mast is going to be used in cold temperatures with the possibility of freezing, that the mast is properly maintained with Kilfrost in order to help prevent seizing and mast damage.


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