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South Midlands Communications Ltd Involvement with the Spear Project - Norway

South Midlands Communications Limited (SMC) are proud to be connected with the new SPEAR Project as the manufacturers of the Alumast and TS antenna support structures as well as the associated antennas to the University of Leicester (UK).

The SPEAR HF radar system located on Svalbard is designed to carry out research into the Earth's upper atmosphere and magnetosphere, in the vicinity of the polar cap and consists of a 6x4 array of full wave, crossed dipoles designed to operate at 5.0 MHz.

Panoramic shot of the Spear project

By designing these antennas as rhombically broadened dipoles, it is possible to achieve an operational bandwidth of approximately +/ 20% with a gain of approx. 25 dB. Each antenna is connected to a 4 kW transmitter capable of operating continuously.

By adjusting the relative phase of pairs of dipoles, it is possible to adjust the polarisation and direction of the radiated signal.

Project SPEAR, which also has the support of scientists from Scandinavia, Germany and the USA, will be in the forefront of the international effort in space research well into the new century.

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