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Eclipse Repeater/Base Station

The ECLIPSE range is a state of the art Base Station/Repeater system.

Eclipse Repeater/Base StationFollowing an extensive survey of user requirements, high reliability and superb performance were combined with many unique features to produce a superior, user friendly product. 

Fully integrated 100% duty cycle, 25 – 100 watts base/repeater stations in the range from 66MHz to 900MHz. Various configurations of racks are available including floor saving wall mount cabinets.

Exceptional systems performance.
Modular construction with independent Receivers and Transmitters. This allows split RX and TX racking for convenient connection to multicouplers etc.
Easily configured for Duplex, Simplex, Trunked or link applications.
Exciters can be used alone for 1-25 watt applications.
Separate High Power Amplifiers can be added for 25-150 watt output.
Transmitter power adjustable over a wide range to meet local licensing requirements.
Synthesized design with programming by IBM compatible PC through front panel RS232 port on each Receiver and’Transmitter.
100 channel capacity.
Individually programmable CTCSS with squelch tail elimination for each channel.
Programmable processor controlled repeater hang time.
Internal links for flat or emphasised audio response.
Wide Receiver and Transmitter frequency spreads.
The 19" rack module positions can be simply coded to automatically select channel and CTCSS tones.
All modules mate with readily available D range connectors.
DCS compatible without modification.
Direct FSK data transmission options are available for paging and data link applications.
Balanced 4 wire 600 Ohm and Unbalanced audio I/0.
Separate sub-audible ports allow tones and data to be repeated without regeneration, or for easy connection to tone panels.
Isolated DC loop for PTT and COR functions.
Built in diagnostics of low supply voltage, power out, reverse power, receive signal strength, VCO voltage, channel information, squelch open/close, CTCSS, noise and carrier squelch.
Remote monitoring, channel change and programming through RS232 port.
Front panel display of alarm functions.
System monitoring and service made easy with "TecHelp" software.
20 mSec TX/RX switching time for efficient data transmission.
Carrier adjustable squelch from -140 to -70 dBm.
Low signal alarm adjustable -140 to -70 dBm for point to point links etc.
Signal strength adaptive noise squelch virtually eliminates squelch tail on signals over 2 uV.
Operational over temperature range -30ºC to +60ºC.
Automatic protection with power reduction at high VSWR and temperature.
All external preset controls are multi-turn potentiometers.
Simulcast and Voting compatible.
Monitor speaker included in Receiver.
All modules operate from 13.8 Vdc (nominal 12v) supply.
Fully rated linear Power Supply available.


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