South Midlands Communications Group

An easy to operate, fully weather-proof, portable repeater station, ideally suited to emergency operations.

  • The SMC transportable repeater station has been specifically designed for use by security and rapid response emergency services.
  • All the features designed into the new transportable unit are as a result of inputs from agencies having used it in real life emergency scenarios.
  • The repeater is available as ‘in-band’ or ‘crossband’ and can operate with either two antennas (for wideband multi-channel operation) or have an on-board duplexer.
  • A total of 4 channels available.
  • Transmit power 10W
  • The unit has a weather-proof connector for connection of an external DC supply to provide for longer unattended operating life between charges.
  • The standard repeater unit handles analogue speech but all forms of speech encryption are available including full digital crypto. (Subject to end user).
  • Battery cable and fist microphone (for local operation) come as standard with the unit.

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