About Hilomast, LLC

Hilomast, LLC founded in 2003 has built on the foundation of SMC’s (South Midland Comms) 60+ years of experience in the Mast and Antenna industry. We have continued to innovate in design, support, and service to generate efficiency and provide effective solutions to our customers since our foundation in 2003. Our mission statement is to leverage our engineering and manufacturing expertise across the industry to provide effective solutions and empower innovation.

We specialize in serving the Military, First Responders, Drone operations, Sports Monitoring, Security, and other commercial/ governmental operations:

  • Hilomast is approved to International Military 810E (environmental) Standard for operation and storage, including low pressure (high altitude) operation. The investment in ISO and the International Military 810E Standard, combined with the provision of a comprehensive installation, design, and customization service, has allowed Hilomast, LLC to become a major supplier in the international defense, security, broadcast, and general communication markets.
  • Hilomast, LLC is ISO 9001 registered, this ensures the manufacturing processes meet the quality expectations on the range of Hilomast products. You can see our Quality Policy by Clicking here

If you would like to learn more about us and how we can serve your company’s needs, please reach out here.

Hilomast, LLC is part of SMC Group, based out of the UK, we utilize each other’s depth of knowledge to ensure our customers get the best products possible. SMC has built a reputation for providing market leading solutions with lifetime reliability and support, we are proud to share this message and drive for quality.