Rhombic Antenna

rhombic antennaThe rhombic antenna is a highly directional array ideally-suited for medium to long haul circuits. Radiation angles vary with the design and ground coefficient; but, for average ground and a height of approximately a half wavelength, the radiation angle is 35° changing to 15° at 4 fo (four times the optimum frequency). The main design parameters (i.e., height above ground, leg length and angle between legs), govern the gain of the antenna for a specific frequency.

The simple one-wire system has a bandwidth of approximately 2:1; however, Hilomast, LLC has wide experience in the design of this type of antenna and are able to offer arrays with 1, 2 or 3 wires per leg to give a bandwidth of up to 4:1 and, by careful design, gains of 22 dBi are possible.

Rhombic antennas are supplied for powers up to 20kW complete with feeders, terminating resistors or dissipating lines and insulators for mounting on customers’ own masts. Alternatively, Hilomast, LLC can supply complete systems designed to customers’ requirements with hot-dipped galvanized steel tubular or lattice masts or aluminium lattice masts. Hilomast, LLC supplies masts painted to International Civil Aviation Organization  (ICAO) standards complete with lighting kits if required. Baluns are also available for matching to 50 ohm coaxial feeders or alternatively 600 ohm transmission line.

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