Trapped Dipole Antenna

The Hilomast Trapped-Wire Dipole Antenna is a compact and simply-operated multi-frequency antenna, designed to provide up to 6 spot frequencies (dependent upon channel spacing) with bi- or omnidirectional coverage in the HF band. The antenna may be used as shown, with two support units (preferred method) or more economically using a single support structure.

The construction reflects Hilomast, LLC’s policy of ensuring long trouble-free use, utilizing only the best quality components. Each antenna is supplied complete with 30m of low loss coaxial feeder incorporating a strain-relief arrangement, and fitted with one PL259 UHF connector.

The Dipole Center Junction is formed by a balun unit to ensure matching is achieved.

The elements are constructed of hard-drawn copper magnesium multi-strand for durability and high resistance to corrosion.

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