Fixed Base NVIS Loop Antenna

Operating both NVIS and Long-Distance Skywave.

In addition to the Hilmoast, LLC Compact Mobile HF loop, two versions of the Hilomast Fixed-Station Loop Antennas are also available.

These Hilomast Fixed-Station Loop Antennas operate on both Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) and Long-Distance Skywave propagation modes across 3-30MHz.

The NVIS and Long-Distance versions are a wire-element loop with 3m sides, and a solid-element loop with 2.5m sides, each offering similar high efficiency.

These NVIS and Long-Distance Skywave antennas are ideal for use where space is limited.

The NVIS and Long-Distance Skywave antennas rival the performance of much larger Wideband HF wire antennas.

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