HF300 Series – 30kW HF Wide Band Antenna Matching Transformer

The HF100 Series is a 30 kW average power silicone cooled transformer suitable for communication or broadcast systems.

The units are housed in a finned cast aluminum tank which provides excellent natural convection cooling. Each casting is subjected to a double vacuum resin impregnation process which ensures complete sealing for the internal low loss silicone cooling oil.

High purity alumina ceramic insulators with arcing horns are fitted as standard and an integral static drain to earth provides additional protection against lightning-induced high voltages.

  • Wideband 1.5 to 32 MHz
  • 30 kW average + 100% AM modulation
  • Suitable for communications or broadcast applications
  • Very high efficiency
  • All-weather unprotected operation

A wide selection of unbalanced and balanced impedance ratios are available to complement most antenna configurations and inquiries for non-standard arrangements are welcome.

The HF300 is a high-quality unit suitable for unprotected operation in any environment.

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