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HF4 Series 400 Watt HF Wide Band Antenna Matching Transformer

Fixed station HF receiving arrays are often subjected to high voltages not normally associated with RX systems. These voltages can be present due to static build-up or by lightning-induced EMFs from nearby strikes.

The HF4 Series of matching transformers, although designed for 400 Watt average power is ideal for inclusion in receiving arrays. They reduce the possibility of high voltage damage and provide a DC path to the ground which gives added protection to the receiving system.

  • Wideband 1.5 to 32 MHz
  • Ideal for fixed station receiving arrays
  • Internal static drain ground

A wide selection of balance and unbalance impedance ratios are available to complement most antenna configurations and non-standard ratios can be supplied on request.

The transformers are housed in cast aluminum cases, fully hermetically sealed for any military or commercial environment. For EMP-proof operation, no capacitors are incorporated.

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