HF50 Series – 5kW HF Wide Band Antenna Matching Transformer

The HF50 5kW Series are solid encapsulated and suitable for installation in any orientation.

The transformers are housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminium case, vacuum impregnated with epoxy resin and fully hermetically sealed for any military or commercial environment.

  • Wideband 1.5 to 32 MHz
  • 5 kW average, 20kW Peak
  • All-weather solid encapsulated
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium case

High purity alumina ceramic insulators with arcing horns are fitted as standard and an internal static drain to earth provides additional protection against lightning-induced EMF’s.

A wide selection of unbalanced and balanced impedance ratios are available to complement most antenna configurations and enquiries for non-standard arrangements are welcome.

The HF50 is a unit of the highest quality and reliability.

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