HD9 Series – 9″ Base Section

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast - HD9 Series  The New Heavy-Duty range of pneumatic masts is the largest, most rugged in the Hilomast portfolio. Designed to the highest possible specifications, these masts are used where extreme headloads need to be supported and where greater extended heights with maximum wind loading are required. The Flexibility of this range comes from using aluminum tubes that have smaller increments in diameter. This gives the masts in the range larger top sections, in turn delivering a stronger mast. These smaller increments allow the HD Range to contain up to 12 sections, letting the HD masts reach greater extended heights from the shorter retraction and giving more flexibility in extended heights, retraced heights and head-loads HD Mast Applications The HD Range of masts for special applications where high head loads and greater extended heights are required, or where maximum directional stability is necessary. -Mounting video cameras fitted with telephoto lenses -Microwave dish antennas for Electronic News Gathering/Outside Broadcasts -Direction sensitive antennas or Devices -CCTV -Floodlighting, Anemometers, and survey equipment -mobile cell sites Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our "Contact" page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be [...]

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Hydraulic Telescopic Masts

Hydraulic Telescopic Masts The Hydraulic telescopic mast system features impressive hydraulic technology and utilizes a hydraulic drive for smooth and stable elevation and retraction. Complete with technological advancements and "know-how" stemming from the development and manufacture of products tailored to customer needs, Yuasa Co., Ltd. supplies a rich range of applications enabling selection for specific-use environments. The extensive possible applications for these systems include: broadcast stations for transmission support; mobile base station antenna masts; LED floodlights; CCTV; as well as other applications and possibilities. Craftsmanship is steeped in trust from the user’s standpoint.  Delivering the hydraulic telescopic mast system as an option, Hilomast is proud to supply these products to the market. Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize.   For more information about this hydraulic mast system's specifications, please visit:   " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"] DOWNLOAD – Hydraulic Mast

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PFG – Portable Fiberglass Mast

PFG - Portable Fiberglass Mast The Hilomast PFG-Series Mast is designed for man-pack maneuverability due to its lightweight. The PFG-Series Mast is a rapidly deployable, lightweight mast for areas where non-conductive or radio frequency (R.F.) invisibility is desirable. Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize. DOWNLOAD - PFG - Portable Fibre-Glass Mast

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Pan & Tilt Positioner

Pan & Tilt Positioner The Pan and Tilt Positioner has the following features:  Carrying capacity of 30 kg IP66 weatherproof standard approval Precision ball bearings ensure the unit remains square on both axes Stainless steel shafts and fittings eliminate corrosion Internal limit adjustment Resilience to extreme weather conditions All-metal gear transmission Low backlash for stability in high winds Ironless rotor motors Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize. QPT-90 The QPT-90 Pan and Tilt unit can be used for mobile and fixed operation on most of Hilomast's mast systems. The QPT-90 unit features all-metal gearing for improved durability, and aluminum housing with a white powder coat finish, for improved corrosion resistance. The QPT-90 unit has single-bolt cover access for internal limit switch adjustments. 435° pan rotation, ± 90° tilt motion 90 pound (41 kg) load capacity All metal gearing Aluminum housing with powder coat finish Stainless steel hardware Gasket sealed to withstand water and dust penetration  Zero adjustable backlash Please feel free to [...]

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Mechanical Square Mast Series

Mechanical Square Mast Series Hilomast is proud to present our latest mast series, the Mechanical Square Mast (MSM) series. Made to effectively compete in the market, the MSM is functional, flexible, and offers a cost-efficient mast for your needs. The MSM is a belt-driven mast series which makes it unique and desirable. The MSM series is designed for camera systems with a weight limit of 50 lbs. The MSM can also be used with antenna systems of 50 lbs or less.  The Mechanical Square Mast series Mast Features: Constructed with 3,000lb rated lifting straps Pendant remote control Tamper-proof winch cover self-lubricating rollers Non-metallic bearings at the top and bottom of each section Small footprint with base plate measuring 16.5” x 13” Robust construction - mast sections constructed from heat-treated aluminum alloy Square design serves to prevent rotation Sections extended simultaneously by a belt system Micro Limit Switch & Magnetic Safety Switch to safely extend and retract mast sections 12VDC power source Surfaces are primed, painted, and clear-coated all with acrylic enamel    Mast Options: Can be deployed at different heights up to mast maximum height   Brackets for Nycoil or coil cable  Customized headload and heights can be [...]

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Sectional Mast (PA2)

Aluminum Masts PA2 Series Standard Series PA2/B Hilomast designed the PA2 series of versatile tubular alloy masts with the first-hand experience of the tough environmental conditions often encountered in the field. The PA2 has a section wall thickness of 7 SWG (.165 inch; 4.2 mm) and will withstand dropping on rocky terrain or being run over by vehicles and yet is light and compact enough to be stored unobtrusively in a portable shelter or carried in a Land Rover. Mast sections have expanded ends for easy assembly and quick erection by unskilled staff. For example, a three-person team can erect the 48ft or 60ft mast in less than half an hour, following our practical installation instructions. (See the operating instructions.) From a wide selection of stock components, masts can be supplied to suit customers' requirements, from a transportable mast complete with canvas carrying bags and all necessary hardware for an extension to installations for mounting permanently, complete with masthead and intermediate halyards, masthead lighting to ICAO standards, extension kit and all ground anchors. Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to [...]

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STORM Mast Series – Belt Mast

STORM Mast Series - Belt Mast Hilomast LLC has been successfully manufacturing masts since 2003, our telescopic masts, in particular, are renowned worldwide for superb performance in even the most hostile of conditions. The series of Hilomast winch-operated composite telescopic masts is the STORM series, which, as the name suggests, is capable of performing without fail in the very worst weather conditions. Designed to meet stringent ISO 9001:2015 and MIL-810G standards, these STORM series masts are lightweight, yet tough, and are capable of supporting a wide range of head loads including antennas, cameras, lights, and much more! The Hilomast range of masts includes models with maximum extended heights from 20 to 60 feet (6 to 18 meters) and with a complete range of installation accessories for total mast system solutions. Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize.   Diagram A *NOTE: * Denotes variable Part Number. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"] DOWNLOAD [...]

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Manpack Portable

Manpack Portable Masts GRP and Aluminum The standard range of Hilomast Manpack Series masts and vertical radiators make up heights of 16.3' (5.0 meters) and 22.9' (7.0 meters). The Hilomast Manpack Series of masts is manufactured with strength and portability in mind. The Manpack Series masts break down to fit into an easily transportable pack that is only 3.28' (1 meter) long. The Hilomast Manpack Series masts are easily extended by one person in less than 10 minutes on almost any terrain. The Hilomast Manpack Series masts are supplied with all fittings and guys with color-coded terminations for 2 or 3 levels, 4 points fixing. Those Hilomast Manpack Series masts are made of fiberglass and are designed for use as end poles for dipole antennas or as supports for VHF or UHF tactical antennas. The Manpack Series masts are able to carry a static head load of up to approximately 30lbs. (13.6 kg). Those Hilmoast Manpack Series masts that are constructed of aluminum alloy have the same guying arrangements as the fiberglass types; in addition, these masts are fitted with a terminal on the bottom section which allows them to be used as a vertical radiator and [...]

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WTM Series – Winch Operated

WTM Series – Winch Operated WTM/1 and WTM/2 These custom-built Hilomast masts will support large 3 element antennas providing that the maximum operating heights specified in the table (see this page) are not exceeded. The specifications are for use with a typical antenna with a boom length of 14 ft and element length of 27 ft giving wind loads of 100 Ibs at 80mph. WTM/3 This Hilomast WTM/3 mast is intended for smaller antennas where the maximum height is of prime importance. It is particularly useful for experimental work and field strength measurement.  If the WTM/3 will be used under extremely windy conditions, the operating heights are reduced to those shown in the table. The WTM/3 will withstand the same wind loading as the WTM/2 mast. WTM/4 The Hilomast WTM/4 mast has been developed to withstand high head loads at heights of up to 29 ft.  The WTM/4 will safely support a 2 ft diameter dish at a wind speed of 100 mph or a 3 ft diameter dish at a wind speed of 62 mph. The WTM/4 has a retracted length of only 9.78 ft making it ideally suitable for fitting to the rear of telecommunications [...]

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SWIFT Mast Series

SWIFT Push-Up Telescopic Mast Series The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series are: light weight; easily-transportable; quick-to-deploy; and robust even in the harshest of environments. Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series heights range from 13 to 32 ft (4 to 10 meters) and have a base diameter of 3 in (74mm) and a headload capacity of up to 22 lbs (10kgs). The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series can be elevated manually, by hand, or by foot pump for even quicker and easier elevation. The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series can be carried and deployed by one person in a matter of minutes. Perfect for use in the field. Hilomast has utilized newly-developed technology to maximize the performance of the Hilomast SWIFT Series masts, designing the mast with the user in mind. This includes innovative cam lever locking collars to enable you to lock the mast at any height swiftly and easily, allowing you to adjust the height of the mast for your requirements. Hilomast has also included a newly-designed damping systems which means the mast can be quickly retracted, while remaining safer than ever before. The telescoping mast sections are made from specially-finished aluminum tubes, making the mast light and robust.  The specially-finished [...]

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