Hilomast, LLC has Another Satisfied Customer!

Hilomast, LLC is proud to announce another satisfied customer! WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky received a mast rebuild and a new installation kit. As is standard procedure at Hilomast, these upgrades were tested to maximum performance prior to release to our customer, WDRB. Allow Hilomast to provide your rebuild services and accessories! Call Hilomast at (386) 668-6784 or contact us using the Contact page on this website. Hilomast looks forward to calling you our next satisfied customer!     

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Collapsible RDU – Digital Force, another satisfied customer!

Hilomast has created another brand new inventory item! The custom-built, folding RDU was delivered to Digital Force on Friday, September 1, 2017! Engineer, Jim Brown, worked closely with Digital Force to develop a foldable rapid deployment unit (RDU) as a demonstration platform for Digital Force’s military camera system. Due to exceptional leadership and research and design, this new project took only 6 weeks from inception to completion! Hilomast plans on making this foldable RDU design a standard production model!

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Another satisfied customer – A full rebuild of the mast in 3 days

KTVK-TV5 needed a quick turn around on their 10 year old Hilomast mast system. The Hilomast team was able to provide a full rebuild of the mast in 3 days. Our customers at KTVK-TV5 are extremely pleased with the great support, fast turn around and exceptional workmanship. If you need your Hilomast serviced, please contact us for a quote!

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Command Vehicle delivered to the Port of Houston Texas

Hilomast would like to congratulate MBF Ind.   on another quality built Command Vehicle delivered to the Port of Houston Texas.  Hilomast provided  3 communication mast supporting the communication system on the command vehicle.  The Command Vehicle will help in securing the safety of the Port of Houston Texas. Well Done!

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Another satisfied customer – new LED lighting system & HD camera system

Last month, we were able to provide our services to Gordon County Sheriff Department in Georgia. We installed a new LED lighting system, as well as HD camera system. They were very satisfied with the end result and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with them.

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