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Specialty Vehicles

Hilomast is proud of our ability to refurbish vehicles and integrate equipment into new platforms. Hilomast works with wireless communications, mobile broadcast units, and news gathering equipment. Hilomast workers are accomplished with Nycoil pulls, audio-video communications wiring, as well as microwave and satellite equipment installation.  Hilomast workers can also perform generator and mast installations. Hilomast’s skilled workers are able to work with a variety of platforms.  Hilomast can customize our products and services according to the needs and specifications of our customers.

Hilomast’s innovative re-design of the conventional Electronic News Gatherer (ENG) and Satellite News Vehicle (SNV) platforms has created a unique studio-like setting that makes Hilomast’s vehicles comfortable and enjoyable to use in the field. In today’s economy, our innovative new design is a cost-saving solution to our customers’ ENG and SNV needs.

Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 668-6784, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize.