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Hydraulic Telescopic Masts

The Hydraulic telescopic mast system features impressive hydraulic technology and utilizes a hydraulic drive for smooth and stable elevation and retraction. Complete with technological advancements and “know-how” stemming from the development and manufacture of products tailored to customer needs, Yuasa Co., Ltd. supplies a rich range of applications enabling selection for specific-use environments.

The extensive possible applications for these systems include: broadcast stations for transmission support; mobile base station antenna masts; LED floodlights; CCTV; as well as other applications and possibilities.

Craftsmanship is steeped in trust from the user’s standpoint. 

Delivering the hydraulic telescopic mast system as an option, Hilomast is proud to supply these products to the market.

Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize.


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