SWIFT Push-Up Telescopic Mast Series

The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series are: light weight; easily-transportable; quick-to-deploy; and robust even in the harshest of environments.

Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series heights range from 13 to 32 ft (4 to 10 meters) and have a base diameter of 3 in (74mm) and a headload capacity of up to 22 lbs (10kgs).

The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series can be elevated manually, by hand, or by foot pump for even quicker and easier elevation.

The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series can be carried and deployed by one person in a matter of minutes. Perfect for use in the field.

Hilomast has utilized newly-developed technology to maximize the performance of the Hilomast SWIFT Series masts, designing the mast with the user in mind. This includes innovative cam lever locking collars to enable you to lock the mast at any height swiftly and easily, allowing you to adjust the height of the mast for your requirements.

Hilomast has also included a newly-designed damping systems which means the mast can be quickly retracted, while remaining safer than ever before.

The telescoping mast sections are made from specially-finished aluminum tubes, making the mast light and robust. 

The specially-finished anodizing process, which comes standard, leaves the Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series looking better for longer.

The Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series has uniquely designed accessories to ease usage. These include:

  •     An installed tripod, further easing field deployment
  •     A carry bag
  •     A trolley system, so the mast system can be wheeled across even the most rugged terrain

The versatility of the Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series means it can be used in a variety of applications such as defense, event communications, weather monitoring, security, and many more.

While the Hilomast SWIFT Mast Series of masts are capable of lifting headloads in excess of those listed in the table below there is a limit to what an operator can physically push up. For heavier loads Hilomast LLC recommends using one of our pneumatically assisted masts.

Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 221-5006, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options relating to your specific needs or on other competitive products in which we specialize.


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