Mast Guying

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Mast Guying

Tripod Stand

This tripod is designed for the free standing of NH Series masts on hard surfaces. It is constructed of steel and folds into a compact unit for storage/transit. It can also be easily detached from the mast. The mast can be rotated and locked in any position and the feet are adjustable to suit uneven ground. The stand is intended for use in light winds only and should not be left unattended. Top guys are required for windy conditions. Weight 37lbs. Radius of legs 4.2ft.

Field Stand

This four legged stand is for field erection of NK Series masts.

Constructed from aluminium alloy it has adjustable legs for irregular ground conditions. These fold into the mast for transit. Ground pegs are supplied for anchoring the feet and base plate. The top bearing and base plate permit the rotation of the mast and a thumbscrew locks it in any desired azimuth direction. Weight 26lbs

Note for NK.6, Nk.9 and Nk.11 masts, top guys should be fitted at wind speeds above 25mph. For NK.16 mast, top guys are required at all wind speed.

Top Guy Assembly

For use in inclement weather conditions or to give more directional stability to top of mast. In some cases masts will withstand higher wind speeds. This assembly comprises a detachable aluminium guy collar, D shackles, 3 pre-stretched polyester guys 0.2″ dia. fitted with rope grips and nylon adjusters. (Ground stakes not included) The guy collar is designed to clamp to the upper end of the second from top section of mast.

Base Guy Assembly

This arrangement is generally the easiest method of erecting a mast on open ground. The kit is complete with mast fittings, 3 guys, adjusters, base plate, ground stakes and pegs.

The NH and NK kits have polyester guy ropes and special ‘one way’ adjusters that allow the mast to be set vertically while still supporting it by hand. The NL and NX kits have galvanised wire guy ropes and conventional rigging screws.

Cable Guide

These stainless steel cable guides screw into tapped holes especially provided in each mast collar. They will permit feeder cables of up to 0.47″ dia. to be attached to mast without disconnecting the end terminations. Eye 1″ dia. (Cable guides and supports are sold individually).

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