Manpack Portable Masts GRP and Aluminum

The standard range of Hilomast Manpack Series masts and vertical radiators make up heights of 16.3′ (5.0 meters) and 22.9′ (7.0 meters). The Hilomast Manpack Series of masts is manufactured with strength and portability in mind. The Manpack Series masts break down to fit into an easily transportable pack that is only 3.28′ (1 meter) long. The Hilomast Manpack Series masts are easily extended by one person in less than 10 minutes on almost any terrain. The Hilomast Manpack Series masts are supplied with all fittings and guys with color-coded terminations for 2 or 3 levels, 4 points fixing.

Those Hilomast Manpack Series masts are made of fiberglass and are designed for use as end poles for dipole antennas or as supports for VHF or UHF tactical antennas. The Manpack Series masts are able to carry a static head load of up to approximately 30lbs. (13.6 kg).

Those Hilmoast Manpack Series masts that are constructed of aluminum alloy have the same guying arrangements as the fiberglass types; in addition, these masts are fitted with a terminal on the bottom section which allows them to be used as a vertical radiator and can be provided with a polypropylene base insulator if required.

Both of the above-mentioned types of Hilomast Manpack masts, fiberglass and aluminum alloy, are finished olive green drab. Stays are pre-stretched and are wound on carbon-loaded ultraviolet resistant polypropylene formers which are also the guy tensioners. Hilomast LLC manufactures alternative fiberglass and aluminum masts for varying heights and headloads to order.

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