Mechanical Square Mast Series

///Mechanical Square Mast Series
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Mechanical Square Mast Series

Mast Features:

  • Constructed with 3,000lb rated lifting straps
  • Pendant remote control
  • Tamper-proof winch cover self-lubricating rollers
  • Non-metallic bearings at top and bottom of each section
  • Small footprint with base plate measuring 16.5” x 13”
  • Robust construction – mast sections constructed from heat-treated aluminum alloy
  • Square design which serves to prevent rotation
  • Sections extended simultaneously by a belt system
  • Micro Limit Switch & Magnetic Safety Switch to safely extend and retract mast sections
  • 12VDC power source

Mast Options:

  • Can be deployed at different heights up to mast maximum height  
  • Brackets for Nycoil or coil cable 
  • Customized headload and heights can be adapted, where possible, per customer requests 
  • 24VDC power source
  • Hand crank

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