WTM Series – Winch Operated

WTM/1 and WTM/2

These custom-built Hilomast masts will support large 3 element antennas providing that the maximum operating heights specified in the table (see this page) are not exceeded. The specifications are for use with a typical antenna with a boom length of 14 ft and element length of 27 ft giving wind loads of 100 Ibs at 80mph.


This Hilomast WTM/3 mast is intended for smaller antennas where the maximum height is of prime importance. It is particularly useful for experimental work and field strength measurement.  If the WTM/3 will be used under extremely windy conditions, the operating heights are reduced to those shown in the table. The WTM/3 will withstand the same wind loading as the WTM/2 mast.


The Hilomast WTM/4 mast has been developed to withstand high head loads at heights of up to 29 ft.  The WTM/4 will safely support a 2 ft diameter dish at a wind speed of 100 mph or a 3 ft diameter dish at a wind speed of 62 mph. The WTM/4 has a retracted length of only 9.78 ft making it ideally suitable for fitting to the rear of telecommunications vehicles. A 6.5 ft extension is available if required.

Due to the wide variety of applications and methods of mounting, the Hilomast WTM Series masts are manufactured as basic units. It is, therefore, necessary when ordering to specify the type of mast, type of winch, mounting arrangement, and accessories required.


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