HD Range (Heavy Duty Mast) – Pneumatic Telescopic Hilomast

The HD Series of Hilomast masts has been designed to Hilomast’s highest possible specifications and standards.  The lifting capacity of the HD Series is significantly greater than other Hilomast masts even when deployed at maximum heights.

The flexibility of the HD Series comes from using heat-treated aluminium tubes that increase in 1⁄2” increments.  This allows the HD Series to have larger top sections, in turn, strengthening the masts’ capacities.  These 1⁄2” increments also allow the HD Series to contain up to 12 sections which allow more flexibility than ever before in meeting the customer’s specific requirements.

Positive locking collars have been incorporated into the HD Series.  The HD Series is manufactured from the highest quality material and have increased bearing width which reduces the friction.  Anti-rotation keys are 20% longer, giving our strongest resistance to torsional loads yet!

The table below shows the HD Series and is only a small selection of masts available.  All masts in the HD Series are modular by design.  By adding sections and adjusting tube lengths, the HD Series can be produced to fit specific customer requirements, often with little or no increase in delivery time.  Finish, color and other options are available. 

Please feel free to contact Hilomast from our “Contact” page of this website, or call Hilomast, (386) 668-6784, and we will be glad to discuss details and/or options on the HD Series or on other competitive products in which we specialize.

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