Hilolite Roof Mounted Mast

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Hilolite Roof Mounted Mast
Emergency Vehicle Equipment – Mast Systems

The Hilomast Hilolite is designed for use in the most demanding of conditions, the compact, low profile, Hilolite Mast system can be quickly installed to most passenger, 4X4, or light commercial vehicles using custom designed aluminium roof mounting bars or easily mounted to the flat roof sections of Fire Appliance body work. Available in 1.6m and 2.7m versions, we offer the unit complete with pan & tilt light head, with a number of LED & Metal Halide configurations, or without head for use with cameras, antennas or other non-lighting applications.

Standard mast features

  • Minimum roof drilling, and when using Hilomast LLC custom roof bars no additional roof strengthening is usually required.
  • No intrusion into the vehicle.
  • Choice of 2 or 4 way light head in 110/220V or vehicle voltage Metal Halide lighting or LED.
  • Lights may be mounted to one side of the mast head to prevent over hanging the vehicle sides or obstructing ladder stowage.
  • Control and vehicle voltage lighting cables are enclosed within the mast on 12 & 24V lighting systems.
  • 110V/240V light cable is contained externally in a nylon coiled tube around the mast.
  • CCTV and antenna head-load options available
  • Integral air regulator system operating directly from the vehicle auxiliary air tank (built in compressor system optional).
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Low weight, typically 50 kg.

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