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Jill Diamond, Owner of the SMC Group Visits Hilomast

Jill Diamond, owner of the SMC Group, of which Hilomast is part, visited Hilomast in November! During her trip, Jill took the time to get re-acquainted with the Hilomast facilities and people, as well as setting out her vision [...]

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Rob Haslett, President of the SMC Group, Visits Hilomast

Rob Haslett, the newly appointed President of the SMC Group, visited Hilomast for the first time in December. Rob hit the ground running by discussing future plans and goals with General Manager, Bruce Sousa. Rob also attended the Hilomast-SMC-Yuasa [...]

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Yuasa Visits Hilomast for the 2018 Hilomast, SMC, Yuasa Summit December 10-11, 2018

The Yuasa team attended the 2018 Hilomast, SMC, Yuasa Summit. This was President Hirofumi Yuasa’s inaugural visit to Hilomast. The summit covered various topics intended to increase the business relationships between all three organizations. Of key importance was the [...]

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Hilomast and SMC to Visit Yuasa and Attend the 2019 Security Show March 5-8, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

Hilomast General Manager, Bruce Sousa, will attend the 2019 Security Show in Tokyo, Japan between 3rd and 10th March 2019. Rob Haslett, President of the SMC Group, will also be supporting Bruce and the Yuasa team at the show. [...]

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Hilomast R&D begins using a new measurement device

Hilomast’s Research and Development Department is using the Crane Scale to measure the amount of force needed to fully extend a Mechanical Square Mast (MSM).  The Crane Scale measures the amount of load being applied to movable or stationary [...]

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Hilomast delivers upgraded Loop Antennas

Hilomast has delivered two mobile Loop fold-down antennas to a government customer. These two antennas are smaller and are made for mobile applications. Hilomast upgraded the filter systems of these antennas to enhance their performance. Hilomast’s ability to customize [...]

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Hilomast is a proud Official Dealer for Mile Marker Winches

Hilomast has previously announced its Official Dealership status with Mile Marker, Inc. Hilomast is proud to re-assert the partnership herein. Mile Marker, Inc. is a leader in the electric winch motor industry. It is with distinct honor and pride [...]

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Managing Director, Nick Hopkins, September 2018 visit to Hilomast

Nick Hopkins, Managing Director, visited Hilomast between 12-17 September, 2018. During his visit, Nick chaired the 2018 ISO Management Review Meeting (MRM) with General Manager, Bruce Sousa, which resulted in finalizing and approving the 2018 MRM Summary and determining [...]

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The 2018 Orlando Boat Show was a Success for Hilomast

The Hilomast Team attended the Orlando Boat Show at the Orange County Convention Center from August 17 - 19, 2018!  This weekend event was very well-attended.  Hilomast displayed the Mechanical Square Mast Series, the Hilolite Pneumatic-operated mast, as well [...]

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