Mechanical Square Mast Series

Mechanical Square Mast Series Hilomast is proud to present our latest mast series, the Mechanical Square Mast (MSM) series. Made to effectively compete in the market, the MSM is functional, flexible, and offers a cost-efficient mast for your needs. The MSM is a belt-driven mast series which makes it unique and desirable. The MSM series is designed for camera systems with a weight limit of 50 lbs. The MSM can also be used with antenna systems of 50 lbs or less.  The Mechanical Square Mast series Mast Features: Constructed with 3,000lb rated lifting straps Pendant remote control Tamper-proof winch cover self-lubricating rollers Non-metallic bearings at the top and bottom of each section Small footprint with base plate measuring 16.5” x 13” Robust construction - mast sections constructed from heat-treated aluminum alloy Square design serves to prevent rotation Sections extended simultaneously by a belt system Micro Limit Switch & Magnetic Safety Switch to safely extend and retract mast sections 12VDC power source Surfaces are primed, painted, and clear-coated all with acrylic enamel    Mast Options: Can be deployed at different heights up to mast maximum height   Brackets for Nycoil or coil cable  Customized headload and heights can be [...]